MTI enables integration of HNB Finance’s acquisition strategy

HNB Finance has completed the integration with Prime Finance facilitated by MTI Consulting and has concluded the formulation of its strategic plan for the year 2022-2025 with inputs and expertise from MTI.

With MTI’s guidance for both entities during the successful merger transition, the strategic plan was developed based on MTI’s globally applied 8S model with active participation from the company’s leadership team. merged entity of HNB Finance.

Chairman Dilshan Rodrigo said, “The purpose of this exercise was to ensure a smooth post-merger transition and leverage the synergies of the merger to unlock the full potential of this union. MTI provided an excellent framework in which the management of HNB Finance worked together to identify, discuss and agree on the next steps of action to maintain our performance and achieve our strategic vision”, he added, “I want to congratulate the MTI team for showing great professionalism. in their approach to the design of the strategic plan and from the initial dive into the project, they have been diligent, attentive to detail and responsive to feedback”.

Chaminda Prabhath, Managing Director and CEO of HNB Finance, said; “MTI’s merger integration and strategic planning exercises could not have started at a better time for the merged entity, as a well-defined strategic plan and organizational structure of this nature will provide clear direction for the future of our organization.”

MTI CEO Hilmy Cader said, “Backed by one of the country’s leading commercial banks, HNB Finance currently has the potential to reach the top tier of the non-banking financial institutions sector in Sri Lanka. The merger with Prime Finance not only strengthens its branch network but also opens up new avenues of progress thanks to synergies. With the new strategic plan, HNB Finance will be elevated by investing its efforts in digitization and branding across its entire product portfolio.”

Incorporated in 2000, HNB Finance is gradually expanding its presence among non-banking financial institutions in Sri Lanka. As confirmed by Fitch Ratings, HNB Finance has managed to maintain a long-term domestic rating of ‘A(lka) Stable’.

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