Finance Ministry dismisses speculation over high taxes on guest workers

ZAGREB, Aug. 24 (Hina) — Finance Minister Marko Primorac said on Wednesday that there is no “poll tax” on guest workers and that the tax administration’s actions are in line with the principle of worldwide taxation of income and the exchange of information between EU member states in general.

“The tax administration will not put their hands in anyone’s pocket, but there are certain mechanisms that are continuously put in place, and it should be observed in this way, and our fellow citizens can relax,” said Primorac, answering to journalists after a National Council meeting. advice on the introduction of the euro.

He added that the tax administration could explain in detail all the questions that citizens may have on this subject and on individual cases, such as seafarers, saying that this is in no way a racketeering or extortion and does not know why it was portrayed as such in the media.

Energy prices

Asked about the energy crisis and the measures that the government is preparing, Minister Primorac indicated that a package of measures is being formed in accordance with the capacities of the budget, adding that there is a budget surplus but that it is not important, and that the question is who will get what.

“We will certainly respond, but we will not use all the leeway we have right away but leave it for later,” the minister said.

He also stressed that the measures must be implemented in a targeted manner because any state interventionism affects inflation.

“As for the fiscal space, if we determine by the end of the year that it has not been used, we will use it and distribute any surplus funds before the end of the year. there are,” he added, but also stressed that there won’t be enough funds to appease everyone.

He also said that they will not be able to limit prices in a market economy and that the citizens themselves must find ways to save while the government and the Ministry of Finance will help the most vulnerable groups.

Primorac commented on the possibility of heating cuts in schools and said he hoped no one would get cold and that public schools should be helped to continue operating. He declined to comment on the measures in advance as it remains to be seen what they will be.