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Many people borrow money for consumption. Be it everything from traveling to new clothes or electronics. The vast majority do, because they do not have the cash to buy what they need. It seems more straightforward to pay it off with a lower monthly amount. Some will probably ask if saving is not a better idea? And yes, of course it is – if you have the opportunity. That way you save interest and fees, which quickly accrue if you pay only a little on a monthly basis.

If you lose your cell phone or the car needs a new exhaust, it may not wait for 3 months until you have saved up. It is precisely at such times that consumer loans come into the picture.

If you choose to take a consumer loan online

If you choose to take a consumer loan online

You will not be asked what the money will be used for. If you are in RKI, in some cases you also have the opportunity to borrow, which you rarely have elsewhere.

When you take out an online consumer loan, it is often not flexible. You usually have to pay back the small amounts of USD 100 – 6000 within 30-60 days. If you do not have the money here and now, it is worth considering whether it is at all realistic to pay them back in such a short time.

Conversely, loans from approx. USD 6,000 and up after a standard maturity of at least 12 or 24 months. If you are borrowing USD 6000 for a new TV online, then you have to consider whether you can pay it off in one month or if you want to hang on the loan for at least a year.

No one to advise

No one to advise

When you go to the bank and apply for a loan, you have a bank advisor by your side all the way. It is up to the bank advisor to find out if you have the finances for a long-term loan at all. If the bank says no, there is usually a logical explanation for that: you simply cannot afford it. Maybe you do not agree, or even waiting for money ahead, which the bank will not include in their calculations. That way you can afford it even if the bank says no. However, think carefully about why people who are educated in economics should say no to you if you cannot afford it.

When choosing an online mortgage loan, there is usually no one to advise you. It is easy and fast and can be done completely without making calculations and budgets. Many people criticize this way of borrowing money, as it can hurt the economy when suddenly there is an extra fixed expense in the next months or years due to loan repayment.

Many loan providers have a customer service that you can call or write to. Several places are also promised that you can get help for financial considerations related to the loan. However, no one can promise you that it is competent people who advise you on the phone or online. Therefore, take the advice with a little salt and add your common sense.

It’s always a good idea with a budget


Whether you just need to borrow 5000 for a new dishwasher or you have to borrow 40,000 for a new kitchen, it’s a good idea to make a budget going forward so that you can actually afford the monthly installments. The truth is that you can easily get the loan without advice. When you apply, you merely declare that you have a certain income. There is no requirement to disclose its expenses.

That is why many people borrow a lot of money each year that they cannot really afford. This entails even greater interest expenses, making the loans more expensive than they originally were. In this way it becomes a vicious mill that can be very difficult to get out of. Young people in particular tend to lend money, which in the long run they don’t know how to pay back. Getting into debt up to your ears as a young person is very annoying and is definitely not a good start to adulthood.