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Renowned designer Chandana Dewan begins with her latest passion project “Chondon Express”. Online boutique and line of complementary services to the designer point of sale, Chondon, the gift shop with a philosophy on the depth of emotions that a simple gift is delighted to carry.

It’s easy to spot a liar in any crowd; just ask who likes gifts and whoever says no is the culprit, caught in the act! An all-loving exchange, gifts are a two-party sending, which works so well because everyone has something to give and even whoever has it all, gifts matter.

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If giving is your language of love, a terrible gift can break hearts and loose strings. Receiving an eyesore of a bouquet and a wreckage of a cake can leave you fuming for hours, worrying about how little understanding the giver of the gift understands you about, how much he or she cares, or how you can’t even. not take a decent photo to post it. on social networks; it’s too ugly!

On the other hand, the gift voucher can be the ultimate gesture to connect with someone. A mason jar with handwritten notes, a sculpted lavender scented candle, or a polished reflective badge to catch the sun can all capture a heart for eternity.

“I like to express myself creatively when giving gifts. Invest a little time and effort to wrap a gift in a pretty patterned box and maybe tie a symmetrical bow with a ribbon around it and, finally, ending with a few kind words in a card makes a huge difference, as opposed to a gift. Seeing the big smile, a good gift brings on someone’s face is how you know the thought you put into it. matters a lot, ”Dewan recalls.

And, thus, Chondon Express infuses joy into this give-and-take and invites you to think beyond the fleeting moment of simply giving a gift. It inspires you to stop and smell the roses and that via a fascinating treasure for all occasions under the sun.

Stop by an old friend’s house to catch up after centuries, dressed in casual sportswear and carrying the perfect gift in hand: Coffee Connoisseurs from Chondon Express! Containing a French press and a fragrant bag of roasted coffee beans, let the afternoon rays melt into the night as you gorge on coffee and conversation.

Invited to a housewarming party? Enter with a congratulatory smile and a woven basket like “Festivity”. With cheese, crackers, Ferrero Rochers and butter cookies, this basket is a guest delight and a sure-fire way to score brownie points, making it an absolute double!

Surprise her for no reason with a self-pampering basket like Lather and Relax or Sleep Tight. Filled to the brim with handmade soaps, candles, mists, face towels and slippers, these wicker baskets are the epitome of care packaging. Whether you want to say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” to her, just putting the basket in place will prove to be therapeutic for you and be an expression of love for her.

Gift sets for him like Groomin ‘Essentials and Always Dapper are also available from Chondon Express. Wrapped with satin scarves, chocolates, colognes, shortbread cookies and more, these gifts will remind your significant other how special they are and how much they mean to you.

More baskets and cards for corporate occasions, baby shower, birthdays, anniversaries or just any Tuesday are available at Chondon Express. The freedom to personalize your baskets by adding / removing items to better suit the recipient’s tastes is what sweetens the deal even more and makes shopping at this electronic gift store a unique experience. “Add to cart” and upon checkout an expert all-female fleet specializing in aesthetics from Chondon Express will take care of the rest.

With an economy in recession and tight finances, buying a gift doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The simplest things carry the heaviest weights and once you start giving, happiness will catch you like an illness and keep you from stopping.

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