Andrey Piontkovsky: Two Western countries that “were not interested in defeating Putin”

Journalist Andrey Piontkovsky listed the European countries initially opposed to Ukraine winning the war against the Russian Federation.

Russian political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, in a dialogue with Mark Feygin, openly said that among European states there were those whose ruling elite did not support Ukraine at the start of the war because they were not interested in losing the Russian Federation.

Well-known blogger Mark Feygin asked his interlocutor why there has been talk for so long of peace talks instead of real military assistance to Ukraine, to which the Russian opponent replied:

“There were objective reasons. It was not of a personal nature. Germany and France were not interested in winning Ukraine and defeating Putin from the start.

Andrey Piontkovsky also explained the reasons for their position:

“For French presidents, Putin is a central partner. The essence of such a partnership lies in a common position against the United States and the desire to act as mediators in relations between the Russian Federation and the United States: “With the fall of the Kremlin, this French function is lost.

“The Germans are more pragmatic. From relations with the Kremlin, they got huge economic benefits. And not only in terms of national economy but also in terms of personal character. Gerhard Schroeder is a classic example. Here are objective grounds, much calmer, and ready for compromise. But everyone is fed up with Putin.